Handing down the Old Faith

Bishop D.E. Meikle [pronounced: “me-kull”] (informally “Father M”) was appointed permanent pastor of Immaculate Conception parish in April 2017 and ORCC Bishop of Florida in November of 2021.

He holds a Master of Divinity from St. Augustine’s Seminary/University of Toronto. Where he would often learn modernity by day and study with Traditional priests at night. Prior to his appointment, Father served the Royal Canadian Navy training originally as Surface Naval Warfare Officer (MARS), attach posted to chaplaincy services, and finished serving as a Personnel Selection Officer in their personnel psychology branch.

Coming from a Catholic and Presbyterian but unchurched background, Father purchased his first adult bible at age 11 with his paper-route money. His university was a former seminary (pre-1930’s) and upon researching the various denominations to find his path using the older books of Roman Catholicism he received the Holy Eucharist for the first time at age 18 and was confirmed.

He entered seminary at age 22 and also completed extra courses in philosophy over and above his undergraduate degree in religious studies and psychology. He was part of a group of students who pushed for the return of Latin instruction. During his final year of study he discerned that his vocation did not align with the way the mainstream institutional Church was “progressing”. An emphasis he believed to be upon the comfort, entertainment and whim of man, not God.

After completion of his naval service +FrM discovered the See of Caer-Glow via a former member of Ecclesia Dei (CDF in Rome), who was once +FrM’s spiritual director. Father was trained to offer the Traditional Sacraments and was ordained by Archbishop Humphreys.

Bp Meikle is a traditional Catholic Bishop of the See of Caer-Glow a group that holds valid Catholic Orders and whose mission is to protect and preserve the Traditional Mass and sacraments.

We believe in a supernatural Faith and reject the modernist tendency to deistic syncretism.

We are distinct from the juridic, and administrative structure of Rome as outlined by papal grant of Pope Eugene III in 1145, confirmed by Pope Leo X, and the Fourth Lateran Council.

We register our consecrations with Rome, but maintain the rights previously granted to protect the Old Faith and to select our own leadership. From the Vatican’s perspective we are valid but juridically irregular (cf. Dominus Iesus n17; Congregatio pro negotiis ecclesiasticis extraordinariis prot no. 1245/83). We acknowledge the Petrine Office and desire eventual juridic regularity with Apostolic See.

We are NOT “Old Catholics” and though we welcome respectful disagreement with our position we call out the calumny common due to the laziness, hatred of the Old Faith, and uninformed prejudices often found in social media.

Friends and Enemies

Friends are all who:

1) Love the Triune God, seek to live the First Commandment and understand Our Lord Jesus as fully God and fully human, true King; and

2) If not believers, seek and strive to align with the Good, True, Real and Beautiful.

Enemies are those who:

1) Make pretense of the Christian and/or Catholic faiths but who are Vichy (complicit enablers) with the unholy aspects of the institutions or the world;

2) Apologize, condone or remain complicit with the Pachamama, the crayon synod or Abrahamic temples;

3) Support 21stC Leftism, “wokism”, hedonism, materialism or postmodernism; or

4) Cannot “agree to disagree”, who calumniate, or behave in a disrespectful manner.

Our Lord said we were to LOVE our enemies, not that we wouldn’t have them.

“I love my enemies in the sense I desire their salvation. I have no interest in “dialogue” with committed leftist or postmoderns. We lack a common ontological or moral frame to make such an interchange useful.” -Bp Meikle