Speaking Topics

Each are available in 20 and 45min versions

Normative Christianity and the Great Apostasy
Pre and Post 1960 Christianity are not the same religion.

Barking Madness
Anti-Science thinking and the rise of the false religion of scientism.

The Sign of Jonah
Within a generation, our civilization likely faces either the End of Days or a change in Epoch.

Cast Them Out – Shake the Dust off your Feet
A peaceful revolution/restoration alternative to national divorce.

Feed my Sheep
A call for evangelical Christians and Christian allies to return to Old Christianity in the barking mad world of NWO ecumenism and Pope Francis.

Lord of the New World
The rise of the NWO and the false “Abrahamic” world religion as predicted in 1907 by a Catholic convert.

The Prophecy of the Popes (St Malachy)
Hoax or insightful?

A Prophet is Not Welcome in His Hometown
Explaining Traditional Catholicism to modernists and non-believers in your own social network.

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