General Contact Info

I regret I am not always able to answer promptly every comment and email directed at me by those outside my flock or benefactors. If you are trying to contact me the best way is via email. Use the links below.

General Inquires
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Vocation to the Priesthood or Religious Life
For Prayer or Mass Requests

Negative Comments or Trolling

Generally, I’m happy to banter or discuss areas of disagreement on Twitter or in other social media fora, I will rarely engage those who turn to insult of person vs attack of issue/position.

I block trolls with less than 100 followers as a standard procedure. I also really dislike the company of postmodern leftists and consider them enemies of the True, Good and Real.

Due to my own human limitations and biases, I am not the best person to engage them. I love them in the sense I desire their salvation but I also distance myself from them because we have no common ground to share a conversation.

I’m also not interested in engaging folks who make an idolatry of institution before worship of Our Lord Jesus.